the content

i've always loved the way old websites looked and decided to make my own. i feel that over time design has gone from clunky and fun to a boring minimalistic blur of neutral hues and clean lines and consider this site an act of protest against that. i feel that it's a testament to how bright or interesting or colorful the world could be. or you or i could be if we let ourselves. or maybe it's just a desperate nostalgia inspired search for an idealized version of the past. the kind spoonfed to me by movies. the same kind of faux-nostalgia that inspires people to take polaroid pictures or play on old gameboys. inspires them to search and cling to things too old for them to have ever experienced personally. or maybe it's just a site. it's probably just a site. a nice distraction that i'll feverishly work on for a while and then slowly forget about. just a website.

the name

see, at the time i named this site dolphins were my favorite animal- orcas specifically. it's because they're so smart their pods have their own unique and respective languages or dialects at the very least. the problem is now tigers are now my favorite animal. no idea why. i bought a shirt with a tiger on it and it's devolved and spiraled uncontrollably into owning dozens of tiger themed items. no end in sight either. to my surprise i've remained loyal to the tigers. so much so in fact that when i glance in front of me i see 2 holographic tiger postcards from the zoo and 3 tiny plastic tiger toys (two of which are identical) sitting atop a picture frame on the wall. in my backpack there's a holographic bookmark of a tiger running by the same makers as the postcards. it's made of the material that squeaks when you scratch it with your nails. on my desk is a unicorn figurine painted to look like a tiger. not even unicorns are safe from my tiger craze. i look down. i'm wearing the shirt that started this whole obsession and tiger joggers. they're my favorite pants. worn so often that the elastic around my ankles is worn and now hangs loosely. dear god help me- i'm drowning in tigers. the worst part is even whilst i go along loving tigers, my website, my brand, is called dolphin64. i'm living a lie. i'm a fake, a phony. to console myself i remember the quote from romeo and juliet "what's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." i quietly collapse in on myself in a pathetic tiger clad heap of flesh on my bed as tears bead up around my eyes. at first the tears come slowly and i weep gently like a wound. but then i heave and let out the gutteral sobs that only someone who knows true grief could understand.

the name pt. 2

as for the 64 part my feelings are a bit more ambiguous and even verge on apathetic. why did i add the 64? no idea. 8 was my favorite number but it was arbitrarily chosen with no justification whatsoever. i can't think of a single reason for picking it. i still can't even think of what my favorite number is. 8 i guess? maybe 3 because it is important to greek mythology? no idea. i've honestly never really cared for numbers. i'm not a numbers person. i don't know what kind of person i am but not a numbers person. what i mean by this is i could describe a house okay. a really beautiful house. with deep red bricks and rose bushes taller than me in the yard. the grass is so soft you could walk barefoot and the door is a deep mahogany. the door is huge. and there are stained glass windows all over it. a numbers person wouldn't get what i'm saying, though. to describe the house i would need to say there's a beautiful house with two dozen rosebushes. each with roses only an inch or two apart. the roses are about 4 or 5 or 6 inches in diameter. i think the briars were about 6 feet high. the door was at least 9 feet tall. it was covered in stained glass windows- 6 red, 12 orange, 3 yellow, 5 light green, 7 dark green, etc, etc. then a numbers person would know exactly what i'm describing. that's at least what i think - who knows. i could be wrong. maybe i shouldn't be categrorizing people. people are just people after all.

^anyways, this is our mascot^