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10.19.2018 | writing from the same class i wrote from last time. i'm really really really really bored man. so bored. you don't understand. it's raining again but this time i wore sneakers and brought an umbrella! i'm drinking an arizona tea right now. it's watermelon. watermelon is one of my favorites along with mucho mango. it's in a tiny can, too, so it's like so cute. i'm eating peanut butter crackers. they're not as good. also thanks for 14000 views guys what the heck.

10.15.2018 | instead of doing school work i'm writing on here. its raining and i wore flip flops

09.16.2018 | hey guys, what's up? hope you guys are doing good. i'm doing great! i just read my guestbook and you guys are so nice omg!!! thank you so much

09.15.2018 | great news! they're debating making pluto a planet again!

09.12.2018 | wow wow wow! it's been like what 4 months since i last updated? its okay im back man! i have a lot of new ideas and a ton of motivation!!!