about the creator:

hello, my name is grace and i am the creator of dolphin64. i'm 16 and a junior in high school. my hobbies include coloring books (especially lisa frank books), drawing, this website, my other websites, and collecting things (rocks, stickers, coins, toys, postcards, stuffed animals, other sorts of knick-knacks), listening to music, and baking (though i'm not very good at it ). my interests include language (french and german), herbalism , tarot cards, astrology, philosophy, and mushroom hunting. i'm also thinking of learning to crochet. my dream is to travel the world and when i grow up i want to be a teaher. but most of all, i hope to be happy and to make the world a better place.

quick facts about me:

name: grace

location: mare tranquillitatis

sign: gemini

mbti type: infp

birthstone: emerald

some of my favorite things:

animal: tiger

dinosaur: brachiosaurus

bug: dragonfly

rock: tiger's eye

flower: wildflowers

mushroom: morchella

book: any lisa frank color book

thing to read: field guides

movie: not sure here's a list

video game: skyrim

planet: earth

beanie baby: sammy the multi-color bear

sanrio character: probs badtz maru but maybe keroppi

soda: ginger ale

color: rainbow (except orange, i hate hate orange!!)

if you can't tell i love to write about myself, haha!! :p